Our combination of powerful ad tech, innovative data science, and a proprietary first-party data set enables UberMedia® to provide scalable and effective mobile advertising solutions that elevate business outcomes and redefine success.

  • Custom audience targeting using our proprietary interest graph, intent cues, modeled shopping areas, etc.
  • Pinpoint real-world location accuracy for reaching your customers and measuring retail visits
  • Real-time ad optimization to drive KPI growth, including incremental foot traffic


Our digital measurement suite analyzes mobile behavioral data, GPS location data, and advertising campaign performance, providing a reliable methodology to fully assess and enhance your digital media mix.

  • Assess how well your cross-channel media investments are influencing consumer foot traffic and incremental visits
  • Understand which brand audiences are converting in-store based on campaign exposure
  • Evaluate cross-shopping, competitive conquesting tactics, and much more


We apply competitive data science and robust statistical analysis to mine billions of data points for the highest-quality location and behavioral signals that deliver key insights for strategic business decisions and optimum performance.

  • Understand your Brand Health, including foot traffic market share, where else customers shop, what retailers generate the most visits
  • Make informed real estate decisions based on real-world mobile data
  • Visualize optimal trade areas and other geo-spatial trends using the largest library of precise location Polygons