Advertising Solutions

Mobile Behavioral Data is Changing the Future of Advertising

Multidimensional Audience Targeting

Customize your audience or choose from hundreds of personas that leverage our first-party data, interest and intent cues, app usage, and precise real-world location data. Reveal the actual performance of your campaign and the underlying motivators that drive audiences with our deep understanding of consumer behavioral signals.

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Pinpoint Geo-Location Targeting

Our Proprietary Retail Boundaries provides recognition and targeting of real-world locations with pinpoint accuracy. Message customers that have previously visited your retail locations, steal market share by conquesting your competitors, or harvest audiences from key points of interest, including sporting events, music festivals, shopping malls, college campuses, and much more.

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Optimal GeoSpace Targeting

Leverage this patent-pending technology to target ads based on the unique shopping area of each particular location. Our technology dynamically renders flexible fences across thousands of your locations and individual retail shopping areas to fully capitalize on the actual footprint of a customer to your location (or a competitor’s location).

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Real-Time Ad Optimization

Optimize campaigns in real-time across several KPIs. Our exclusive Location Visit Optimization™ ad optimizer is the industry leading solution for optimizing campaigns in real-time to drive incremental foot traffic.

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