Location Visit Optimization (LVO)

Drive Incremental Foot Traffic to Grow Your Business

Optimizing a media ad buy to a real-world location is an incredibly complex and sophisticated process. Our Location Visit Optimization™ (LVO) ad optimizer technology combines our high volume of location data and machine learning with our state-of-the-art mobile advertising platform to deliver the right ads to the right people for the best results.

  • Real-Time Optimization

    LVO™ ad optimizer enables mobile ad campaigns to improve hour-by-hour based on actual visits to targeted business establishments. In most cases, ad performance is optimized based on actual visits to retail stores, quick service restaurants, auto dealerships, shopping malls, movie theaters, etc.

  • Enhanced Mobile Ad Campaign Success

    While the average ad campaigns are optimized based on click-through rate, business outcomes such as foot traffic provide greater consumer insights for results-driven advertisers. LVO allows marketers to optimize on what matters most: real-world location visits. This method represents the next phase of mobile advertising and has already been proven to dramatically increase marketing results for many brands.