Custom Multidimensional Audience Profiles At Scale

Our custom-blended audiences use our multi-faceted data points to precisely identify audience passion points and interests to better inform advertising. Our audience graphs grow and evolve as peoples’ interests and intent to act or purchase changes.

Reveal the actual performance of your campaign and the underlying motivators that drive audiences with our deep understanding of consumer behavioral signals.

Our audiences are curated using the following signals:

  • Interest Cues

    Sports teams, music groups, artists, food enthusiasts, affluent travelers, and more

  • Location History

    Frequency of visits to retailers, shopping malls, concerts, sporting events, auto dealers, airports, movie theaters, restaurants, and health clubs

  • Purchase Data

    We blend purchase data across multiple categories including Consumer Packaged Goods, travel, automotive, ecommerce, fine dining, sports and fitness, entertainment, to name a few

  • App Usage

    300,000 apps across multiple categories, including sports, movies, games, fitness, social, texting, utilities, and more

  • Time of Day

    Data modeling by time-of-day patterns with location visits and device usage