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2018 FIFA World Cup: Americans Visit Russia

Our objective was to identify where Americans who attend 2018 FIFA World Cup games in Russia travel from in order to provide a glimpse into the reach football has across the United States during the international tournament. With only four games left to go in the tournament, we analyzed visitation patterns for every game through […]

Not All Fun and Games: Mobile Data Reveals Further Insight into Who will Take Over the Toy Biz

When Toys R Us announced that it was closing all of its 800 U.S. locations back in March, we conducted an analysis revealing what brands Toys R Us consumers are more or less likely to visit in order to predict where they’d shop once the big box retailer closed for good. We focused on retail […]

More people visit Kohl’s after opening Amazon Return Centers  

In October 2017, select Kohl’s locations across the Chicago and Los Angeles areas designated a portion of their stores as Amazon Return centers, allowing Amazon customers a brick and mortar location to make returns free of shipping costs. Our primary objective was to measure whether partnering with Amazon and becoming a Return Center affected overall […]