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Anomalies and False Narratives: Finding Truth in Big Data

By Kerry Pearce, SVP, Product Development, UberMedia It’s rare for marketers to find clear answers in Big Data. But for inquisitive marketers, Big Data is incredibly helpful for identifying the right questions. Recently, a fitness apparel brand sought to identify potential customers by analyzing mobile location data. We focused on gyms, public recreation areas, and stand-alone […]

Pumping the Brakes: Is Technology Really Disrupting the Car-Buying Experience?

“Data in the Digital Age” is a monthly blog written by UberMedia CEO, Gladys Kong, sharing her views on the new data landscape.  April 4, 2017 – – It’s often easy to get swept up in the excitement of technological disruptions. Just looking at the news coming out of both the Consumer Electronics Show and […]

Mobile Madness: The UberMedia Brand Bracket

We “seeded” top automotive, fast food, home improvement, and sporting retailer brands based on the difference in whether NCAA Men’s Division I basketball tournament game attendees were likely to visit key retailers of interest before and after attending a game. UberMedia’s team of data scientists analyzed mobile behavioral patterns of NCAA Men’s Division I basketball […]