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Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday: Nascar’s Effect on the U.S. Auto Industry

On Toyota’s 10-year anniversary, an UberMedia Business Intelligence Study quantified the Japanese manufacturer’s success of becoming integral to American racing culture. The 2017 Daytona 500 marks Toyota’s 10th year in the Nascar Cup Series and a decade of integrating its sedan, the Toyota Camry, into American automotive culture. In order to quantify Toyota’s success in […]

What Mobile Location Data Can Tell the U.S. Auto Industry About Car Buyers

Our new report analyzes two years’ worth of proprietary dealership visitation data to better understand what mobile location data can tell us about how people shop for cars, and which brands attract the most foot traffic and consumer interest. The rise of mobile technology, social media, and omni-channel shopping behavior has radically changed the way […]

Mobile Data Analysis Reveals New Insights on LA Rams Fans

In moving to LA, the team secured a younger, more diverse, family-oriented fan base, according to our Business Intelligence Study. With the return of the Rams 22 years after the pro football team left Los Angeles, there has been a lot of talk about who will embrace the team and the effect their return will […]