Cross Media Location Visit Rate (xLVR)

Accurately Assess Cross-Channel Media Investments

UberMedia’s Cross Media Location Visit Rate™ (xLVR) technology accurately assesses how well your media investments are driving real-world foot traffic.

We believe that mobile location data is the connective link between advertising and real-world business outcomes and understanding the location return on investment across your media plan, including display, video, and mobile advertising.

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  • Measure Incremental Lift to All Locations

    While existing media metrics recognize passive media indicators such as ad delivery, visibility, awareness, and ad recall, UberMedia’s xLVR™ technology uses mobile behavioral data to accurately measure which digital media channels and specific publishers are providing marketers with the most incremental lift to their retail locations.

  • Faster Reporting Than Industry Standards

    xLVR provides a comprehensive suite of reports faster than industry standards so you can respond promptly to the actual performance of your campaign. Leverage these actionable insights to optimize your media plan across publishers and channels that are driving the most location visits. Reports include foot traffic by media vehicle and publisher, true incremental lift by publisher, cost-per-visit by publisher, competitive cross-shopping behavior, audience insight reports, and much more.

  • Scientific Measurement Methodology

    At the heart of our measurement suite is a deep understanding of mobile behavioral cues. Our team of data scientists is committed to providing you with modern methods to ensure statistical significance and reliable results across all media channels.