Location Analysis

Competitive Business Decisions Powered By Mobile Location Data

UberMedia® location analysis is the leading mobile data solution for location decisions and is dramatically changing the way retailers consider their market strategy. By analyzing sophisticated mobile data, we are creating an accurate picture of customers.

Whether used for retail, site selection, trade area analysis, marketing, or visitor profiling, our mobile data is the most trusted solution for strategic marketplace analysis.

Analyze Locations for Better Business Decisions

We provide a suite of products to support better business strategies and help you stay current with industry trends. Our Proprietary Retail Boundaries allow you to accurately understand the location cues of mobile devices and provides a contextual framework to best understand the behavioral patterns of consumers and the spatial characteristics of a location or multiple locations.

  • UberRetail

    See where customers are prior to arriving at your location using real-world data to optimize trade areas, analyze business locations, create cannibalization forecasts, and make retail site selections. Get Started >

  • Optimal GeoSpace

    Effectively understand and analyze your optimal shopping area for each retail location with our patent-pending Optimal GeoSpace™ mobile location technology, creating efficiencies and curbing waste with the aim of achieving maximum advertising performance. Learn More > 

  • Proprietary Retail Boundaries

    By analyzing high-quality GPS data points from consumer smartphones, UberMedia maintains one of the largest libraries of proprietary custom Polygons on all major retail locations and points of interests. Learn More >

  • Pulse

    A GIS-ready data set that lets you analyze real-world spatial trends based on mobile phone usage, providing a heat map of population density in each census block group per hour, per day, or per week. Learn More >

  • Retail Data API

    UberMedia’s Retail Data API allows users to learn about visits, travel patterns, and customer behavior based on up-to-date location data. Understand who your customers are, where they’re coming from, and where else they’re going. Learn More > 

  • SiteImpact

    Combining Tango Analytics’s advanced analytics processes with UberMedia’s uniquely precise mobile location data, SiteImpact enables franchisors and franchisees to quickly and cost-effectively determine the impact of proposed new locations on existing stores or restaurants. Learn More >

  • Custom Offerings

    Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our world-class data analysts are available to do custom location reports for a multitude of industries including:

    • Cities
    • Tourism and Travel
    • Hotels and Hospitality
    • Automotive
    • And more