Optimal GeoSpace

Analyze Your Optimal Shopping Area for Each Retail Location

Our patent-pending Optimal GeoSpace™ mobile location technology creates efficiencies and curbs waste with the aim of achieving maximum advertising performance. Traditional geo-fences poorly serve most advertising targeting solutions because they are a “one size fits all” approach, often misrepresenting or overextending the parameters of specific shopping areas, sometimes by as much as several miles.

  • Modeled on Real-World Behavioral Data

    We leverage tried-and-tested retail modeling techniques using revolutionary mobile data with unparalleled accuracy. Path-to-purchase patterns are combined with customers’ common daytime and evening locations to create empirical rather than theoretical trade areas.

  • GeoSpace Algorithm Provides Scale and Responsiveness

    Generate thousands of Optimal GeoSpace trade areas effortlessly for your business on-demand, in real-time. We’ve turned the highly sophisticated, labor-intensive process of trade area fencing into a turnkey algorithmic solution, allowing for responsive models that change with real-world trends.

  • Maximize Advertising Spend and ROI

    Radius targeting is inaccurate and outdated. Don’t waste money serving ads to customers who have a low likelihood of visiting your location. Instead, reach high-potential devices, grow your trade area, and successfully conquest competitors. Whether performance is based on more foot traffic, greater market share, or increased sales, we provide a more precise way of reaching your goals.