UberMedia Pulse

Mobile Phone GPS Data: The Next Generation of GIS Analysis

UberMedia’s Pulse technology is a mobile data solution that provides marketing analysts with a highly dynamic view of how people move through a city or specific geography by the hour, day, or weekend. This new mobile data measurement product provides real-time visualization of human activity in and around urban or rural populations by hour of the day.

Pulse is customizable for GIS integration and defined by geographical units called Census Block Groups provided by the U.S. Census Bureau and gives retailers, realtors, restaurateurs, trade area modeling specialists, urban planners, and data companies the most accurate view of mobile device density, disruptive events, and seasonality.

Pulse Maps Show Density of Devices

per Census Block Group Over Time 

Tampa, FL

Spatio-Temporal Mobile Density Data Set

  • Mobile density data aggregated at the census block group level by day-part
  • Empirical, recent, and precise for highly accurate modeling and analysis
  • Measure disruptive events and seasonality
  • Integrate into standard GIS workflows

The Data Set

  • Available on census block or tract level with standard FIPS numbering
  • Weekday and weekend breakouts by hour
  • License for standard or shared use
  • Custom aggregation available upon request