Transparency in Mobile Location Data Measurement

Best Practices in Evaluating Mobile Location Measurement and Attribution Provider

Think about it.

People inspect food labels to ensure products are made from quality ingredients. They compare vehicle safety ratings so they know they’re choosing the most reliable car. But when it comes to measuring the performance of marketing and advertising efforts using mobile location data, most marketers don’t know a lot about what’s in their reports.

As more and more marketers base important decisions on measurement results that employ mobile location data, it’s time for transparency.

This guide is intended to give marketers a solid understanding of where that data comes from, arming them with the knowledge and confidence to ask the right questions when evaluating measurement providers. Through this Mobile Location Measurement and Attribution Guide, you will learn:

  • How location data is derived and used
  • How measurement providers can spot bad data metrics
  • How measurement methods vary
  • How campaign locations and media choices affect results
  • Key questions to ask measurement providers

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