UberMedia’s primary objective was to identify who the new Los Angeles Rams fans are, their neighborhoods, and the differences between Rams fans and other Los Angeles sports franchises (as well as the differences between Los Angeles Rams fans and St. Louis Rams fans).


UberMedia identified both Los Angeles Rams fans as well as fans of other sports franchises (including other Los Angeles teams and those of the former St. Louis Rams), by observing the devices seen at home games for each team. Our data scientists applied proprietary analysis to the location data harvested from the devices seen at games in order to provide an accurate picture of who attended.

Analysis includes identifying which Los Angeles neighborhoods have the highest density of Rams fans, the demographic breakdown of fans that go to the Los Angeles Coliseum, and where fans go before/after attending a LA Rams game. Additionally, we compared the demographic breakdown of LA Rams fans to other sports franchises, including other Los Angeles sports franchises and the former St. Louis Rams.


UberMedia found that LA Rams fans are predominately white (40%) or Hispanic (36%), and tend to skew towards young fans along with parent-age fans, suggesting more families attend the games. Additionally, we looked at the top points of interest visited before/after LA Rams games and saw that a significant amount of devices were also seen at tourist and family-oriented destinations, further suggesting that the Rams fan base is more family-focused.