Proprietary Retail Boundaries

Accurate and Precise Retail Boundaries

UberMedia®’s Proprietary Retail Boundaries makes sense of your data by allowing you to skip the grunt work and get straight to what matters with more than 600,000 retail boundaries available, all accurate to within three feet for precise insights.

By analyzing high-quality GPS data points from consumer smartphones seen in our proprietary, custom Polygons, we are able to make sense of your data and identify meaningful attribution information.

  • For App Developers

    Our Polygon solution enhances mobile application features with a real-time understanding of your app’s users.

  • For Data Seekers

    Our Polygon solution makes sense of your data by analyzing pre-existing data sets against our library of custom Polygons to identify meaningful attribution information.

  • For Advertisers

    Utilizing accurate and precise retail boundaries optimizes advertising initiatives with location attribution and targeting.

How to Use UberMedia’s Polygon Solution

  • Integrate files into your system, workflow, or mobile application
  • Use our code to accurately assess which devices in your database were seen at relevant locations
  • Use the results to improve data offerings, enhance application location-based features, understand demographics, identify spatial data patterns, and much more

Polygons Make Sense of Your Data

Polygon Spatial Attribution 

Measures what you really want: location data within the bounds of the actual, real-world location

Existing Spatial Attribution Methods 

Use simplistic proximity to rooftop center to determine location