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Resources and research to understand the impact of COVID-19 on human movement and consumer behavior. Provided to assist researchers, analysts, brands and the global community with in-depth guides, a research data directory, and regular updates on the latest research using mobile location data.

Products to upgrade your
business with mobile location data

UberMedia uses the industry’s largest supply of high quality mobile location data as a foundation for powerful, yet simple tools to improve your business.

Customized Solutions Available

Access UberMedia’s contextualized data directly, on the platform or via API, or get custom reports & analysis from our in-house team of data scientists and GIS analysts.

Vista Location Intelligence

Access a wide variety of location intelligence reports and high quality mobile data on any number of locations around
the world.

Vista Measurement

Measure the effect of mobile, out of home, and even TV advertising on influencing foot traffic to your locations.


Pre-bid in-app advertising solution that increases revenue through simultaneous auctions between ad exchanges.

Vista: Location Insights as a

UberMedia’s Vista allows businesses large and small to get a panoramic view of their market. With simple yet powerful tools, businesses can now access accurate location data and insights from the market’s largest supply of high quality location data.

Vista also allows businesses to measure the foot traffic impact of their mobile, television, and out of home advertising using powerful methodology built on top of UberMedia’s proprietary visit identification.

Location Data

High quality contextualized mobile data collected from a variety of sources.


Reports and datasets of location based insights drawn from mobile location data.


Media measurement for mobile, TV, and out of home advertising powered by UberMedia mobile data.

Custom Analysis

Custom analysis and reports from UberMedia’s team of expert data scientists and analysts.

Get started in minutes with our self-service platform.

UberMedia Advertising Platform

Machine learning optimization algorithms, accurate and scaleable custom audiences, and real-time reporting all combine to make an intuitive and performance-driven advertising platform.

Offered as a managed service or self-service using our intuitive campaign manager, UberMedia’s advertising platform delivers great results for clients.


UberMedia’s data processing aggregates and distills mobile data from a variety of sources into a single contextualized supply of mobile location data.

UberMedia removes fraudulent location data sold by app developers to unsuspecting vendors.

Mobile location data is aggregated to achieve a high level of accuracy
without sacrificing scale.

Data is tested rigorously for quality and anything that doesn’t meet strict  standards is removed.

Mobile location data is contextualized with UberMedia’s proprietary visit determination technology.



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