Cutting Edge Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising solutions providing advertisers and agencies with the most comprehensive and contextually accurate location data for targeting, optimization, and foot traffic attribution.


UberMedia®’s machine learning powered advertising platform empowers businesses to make better, faster decisions through the precise insights it provides into both their customers and competition.

Optimize with Machine Learning

Leverage advanced technology to get the most out of your mobile advertising with UberMedia’s machine learning powered optimization.

Use UberMedia’s mobile data to optimize for either clicks or location visits, automatically making changes to campaign parameters in real time.


Enhance your campaigns with our optimization technology, automatically adjusting campaign parameters in real time

Location Visits

Increase the relevance and performance of mobile ad campaigns based on actual location visits


Custom audiences based on powerful data

App Signals

300,000 apps across multiple categories, including sports, movies, games, fitness, social, and more.

Interest Cues

Sports teams, music groups, artists, food enthusiasts, affluent travelers, and more.

Location History

Comprehensive location history including retail, CELs/CDLs, and more.

Time of Day

Data modeling by time-of-day patterns with location visits and device usage.

Purchase Data

Blended purchase data across multiple categories.

Ad Engagement

Audience targeting based on previous campaign engagement.

With Great Tech Comes Great Customer Service

Dedicated support specialists are standing by to assist with your campaigns should any issues arise. Featuring best-in-class resolution times and access to a rapid-response team of engineers. Your campaign spend is safe with UberMedia.