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Mobile Location Data Reveals Possible Expansion Opportunities

August 7, 2018 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Mobile Location Data Reveals Possible Expansion Opportunities”

Following Oath Craft Pizza’s announcement that they will be opening 20 new locations this year, UberMedia took the liberty of utilizing its powerful mobile location data analysis platform to suggest where we think Oath Craft Pizza should move next.

Oath Craft Pizza, the fast-casual pizza restaurant taking New England by storm, announced that they are planning on opening 20 new locations by the end of 2018. Opening their first location in Nantucket, Mass. in 2015, the chain quickly expanded to 8 locations in Massachusetts and Virginia, and has decided to bring their ethically sourced ingredients to Washington, D.C. and New York.

And while their avocado-oil infused pizza crust sounds tasty to us, our team hypothesized that their target consumer would not be your average run-of-the-mill pizza lover. We decided to look at New England shopping centers with device profiles that matched the device profiles we saw at Oath Craft Pizza locations.

Using Vista, our simple yet powerful tool that enables businesses of all sizes to access, analyze, and visualize high quality location data at scale, we took an aggregated look at what types of devices are seen at Oath Craft Pizza locations, identifying average age, race, education level, and household income. We then compared those demographics to that of devices observed at almost 1,000 different shopping centers in New England.

Our methodology cross-references our list of shopping centers whose visitors had nearly identical demographic profiles to that of Oath Craft Pizza visitors with our location affinity report, showing which brands or categories of locations a set of customers are more or less likely to visit when compared to the average American.

Port Plaza, Port Jefferson Station, New York

Port Plaza features many retailers and restaurants, independent theater PJ Cinema, and a gourmet grocery chain known as UncleGiuseppe’s. According to their website, Uncle Giuseppe’s customers love the quality and selection of goods available – including a meat department with a selection of the best steaks, poultry, roasts, and Italian sausage made daily in front of customers, organic fruits and vegetables, an Italian bakery, freshly made pasta, and more. Since one of Oath Craft Pizza’s main selling points is its ethically sourced ingredients, our analysis concludes that they’d make great neighbors.

Bedford Marketplace, Bedford, Massachusetts

Recently renovated, Bedford Marketplace redesigned their consumer experience, including beautiful facades, a newly designed parking lot, and the addition of bicycle racks to promote alternative transportation. The shopping center includes Whole Foods, the eco-minded chain with natural & organic grocery items, and B.GOOD, whose menu is inspired by the seasons and ingredients rotated with the local harvests, meaning that Oath’s ethically sourced ingredients will fit in just perfectly.

An unsurprising affinity for Shake Shack

When comparing the location affinities of Oath Craft Pizza visitors and our list of recommended shopping centers, an interesting trend emerged: Overwhelmingly, these devices were much more likely to also be observed at Shake Shack locations. Shake Shack, a fast casual restaurant, started as a hot dog cart in NY in 2001, is another fast-growing food chain. The company says it uses all-natural 100% Angus beef only and that its meat doesn’t have hormones or antibiotics.

Shake Shack’s rapid expansion, focus on quality ingredients, and a trendy, fast casual restaurant experience sounds incredibly similar to the story Oath Craft Pizza is currently writing. We believe this further validates our findings.

Big brand ambitions on a small business budget

When a brand is rapidly expanding, they rapidly need accurate recommendations as to where they should put their new locations. That is why we built Vista, an insight-as-a-service platform providing mobile location data, analytics, and media measurement for businesses of all sizes.

Heatwave Hotspots: The Impact of Rising Temperatures on Businesses in Pasadena, CA

July 31, 2018 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Heatwave Hotspots: The Impact of Rising Temperatures on Businesses in Pasadena, CA”

Recently temperatures rose across Southern California for the second time since the initial heatwave weekend following the July 4th holiday. We decided to use our mobile location data to  analyze how hot weather impacts visits to local businesses. To do this, we looked at the percent increase/decrease in foot traffic to movie theaters, coffee shops, and restaurants in Pasadena from the weekend prior to the July 6 heatwave through the weekend after. When comparing to the average traffic observed in the weekends before and after the heatwave, we found some compelling insights.

More people visit movie theaters

While there were some compelling movies showing that weekend, visits were more likely driven by air conditioning rather than the appeal of the latest blockbuster. Overall, movie theaters saw a 6% increase in foot traffic during the weekend when compared to the average foot traffic of non-heatwave weekends.

When looking at each day over the weekend, our data reveals a delay between the increase in daily temperature and the increase in visitation. It wasn’t until Sunday, a few days into the heatwave, that theaters saw a significant change in visitation. Pasadena theaters saw a 20% increase in foot traffic on the Sunday during the heatwave when compared to the average Sunday.

Coffee shops slow down

Coffee shops saw a steady decline in foot traffic over the heatwave, with a 10% decrease in foot traffic overall when compared to the average weekend. Saturday was especially hard for coffee shops, as they saw a 28% drop in visitors when compared to the amount of visitors seen on the average Saturday.

During the peak of the heatwave, restaurants saw more patrons

Restaurants were a mixed lot. The onslaught of the heatwave brought a wave of visitors staying out of the heat of the kitchen. Restaurants in Pasadena saw a 11% increase in visitation during the peak of the heatwave when compared to the previous/following Fridays. Although it stayed warm throughout the weekend, Saturday saw 30% less visitors than the average.

There are countless unforeseen circumstances that can impact how many patrons visit a business on any given day. While we can’t change the weather, we can help coordinate with businesses to adjust their strategies based on the actual performance of their unique locations in relation to real world events.

We’ve updated our branding

July 30, 2018 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “We’ve updated our branding”

We’re excited to announce an updated look for UberMedia. As market leaders leaders in mobile data, our mission is to make powerful mobile data easy-to-use. As with any complex subject, the best way to make it easy-to-use is to make it easily understood. We’ve created a new website, updated our look, and reorganized our offerings to focus on bringing clarity to mobile data.

Take a look at our new website, and keep an eye here on our blog for even more great content based on the most powerful and easy-to-use mobile data on the market.