Consumer Choices and Opt Out Options

Consumer Choices and Opt Out Options

Effective: January 1, 2020

Thank you for your interest regarding what Personal Information or Personal Data for Data Subjects in the European Union, UK or Switzerland pursuant to the European Directives 95/46/EC and 2002/58/EC (EU General Data Protection Regulations Legislation, also known as “GDPR”) is processed at UberMedia, Inc. Here is information about how you can control, delete or opt out of further sales with respect to this information.

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Communication from Us

You can tell us to stop sending you marketing emails by clicking the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of the marketing emails. If you have provided us with contact information for a business relationship (sales) or customer support, you can ask us to delete this information using the email In some cases, We need to send you “transactional” emails relating to normal business operations. For example, we may email you to inform you about certain account activity.  You cannot opt out of these emails.

Your Use of our Apps

When you utilize our mobile apps (“Apps”), we collect your twitter handle and information about how you use those Apps and/or respond to advertisements on those Apps. Tell us if you would like us to stop collecting information about how you use our Apps. Please note that you will have to repeat this process for each App and account. Learn More >


The categories of Personal Information collected by UberMedia’s business services are mobile advertising device ids (MAID), IP addresses, advertising click stream information and location data associated with that device as discussed more fully in our Business Services Privacy Policy.  Among other things, we do not collect an actual cell phone numbers or your name, full address or email address.

A sample of what Personal Information for a device is as follows

  • Mobile advertising device id
  • IP Addresses and general (city or postal code) location data that can be extrapolated from an IP address
  • Latitude and longitude points
  • Timestamps with local dates and times and time zones


If you would like to opt out of all sales of any Personal Information we may have associated with your device, please click here to complete a form to OPT OUT OF SALES. The information you supply to us for this request will only be used for the purpose of identifying the Personal Information about the device which you are requesting and responding to your request (including a record of our efforts).


If you would like us to DELETE the Personal Information or Personal Data we have associated with your device, please click here to complete a form to request DATA DELETION. The information you supply to us for this request will only be used for the purpose of identifying the Personal Information about the device which you are requesting and responding to your request (including a record of our efforts).



Certain jurisdictions also provide consumers with rights to request access (correction or portability) of the Personal Information held about them.  We are not able to provide you with the particular file about any particular device because we are not able to confirm who the actual device owner is.  We need your manufacturers’ advertising device id (the IDFAs for iOS, and Android Ad IDs for Android, “MAIDs”)  in order to identify the device in our systems but we don’t have a way to confirm that the device MAID belongs to any particular person. We do not retain information that would match the device id to the actual owner, so we do not have a way to confirm that the consumer requesting the information is the same consumer that owns the device. It would require us to actually collect more Personal Information to try to verify who the device owner is, such as requesting their full name, address, and receipt of purchase of the device.  Additionally we want to avoid the potential risk of providing a requestor who provides a MAIDwith the Personal Information that could belong to another individual.  For example, the requestor takes a snapshot of the device id of his fiancée to request her Personal Information without her consent.  If you are uncomfortable with our having any Personal Information about you, please complete the form to request a DATA DELETION.

Interest Based Advertising

There are several ways that you can manage the way that targeting advertising is collected on your device. You can manage certain collection and sharing of information as follows:

Browser Settings

You may control how your browser responds to cookies by adjusting the privacy and security settings of your web browser.

Device-based Advertising Opt Out

You may limit the disclosure of ad targeting program by your mobile device by adjusting the settings on your mobile Device. Please note: by opting out this way you may still receive ads, however they may be less relevant because they will not be based on your interests or device history.

For iOS Device Users (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • Go to “Settings” from your Device’s home screen; scroll down to “Privacy”; select “Advertising”; and turn on “Limit Ad Tracking.”
For Android mobile devices
  • Go to “Google Settings” on your device; select “Ads”; and check the box labeled “Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads.”

We honor these “limit” or “opt out” instructions or “flags” by removing recognized devices from our cross-app advertising or ad delivery and reporting solutions, on a going forward basis.

Interest-Based Advertising Opt Out

You can opt out of information collected for web-based interest-based advertising (for instance, by tailoring ads based on activities tracked across websites, over time), by those companies that participate in the Network Advertising Initiative or the Digital Advertising Alliance, by visiting the EEA and Swiss residents, please refer to The “opt out” methods on these industry web portals generally are cookie-based, so if you delete your cookies (or change or update your browser) you will need to opt out again. If you opt out, you may still see ads on other companies’ websites, but they will not be based on your use of our apps and websites.

UberMedia complies with the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising and related DAA guidance. For more general information about interest-based ads and your choices, please see:

Please also review the privacy policies on the websites and mobile apps that you use because they may offer additional privacy choices.

Our Apps

For our Apps Echofon, UberSocial, and Plume, you log into the account using your Twitter credentials.  We retain your Twitter handle as your account name but do not have access to your password.  Twitter does.  You can ask us at any time to delete your account on our Apps.  Form here.

Please note that all of your Twitter post, timeline, profile and other information reside with Twitter and are not held by us.  Please contact Twitter to exercise consumer choices with the information they hold. Please also note even if we delete your account upon your request, but you continue to use Twitter with your account information, that information is stored by Twitter and would be accessible again, if you decide to re-engage with our apps.