A world of data at your fingertips

Access the worlds largest supply of high quality mobile location data and analysis
through tools for location intelligence, media measurement, and more.

Vista: Location Insights as a Service

UberMedia®’s Vista allows businesses large and small to get a eye view
of their market. With simple yet powerful tools, businesses can now access
accurate location data and insights from the market’s largest supply
of high quality location data.

Vista also allows businesses to measure the foot traffic impact of their
mobile, television, and out of home advertising using powerful
methodology built on top of UberMedia’s proprietary visit identification.

Location Data

High quality contextualized mobile data collected from a variety of sources.


Reports and datasets of location based insights drawn from mobile location data.


Media measurement for mobile, TV, and out of home advertising powered by UberMedia mobile data.

Custom Analysis

Custom analysis and reports from UberMedia’s team of expert data scientists and analysts.

Simple self service Interface

Vista’s web interface allows mobile data and insights to be accessed through a simple yet powerful menu connecting you with the exact information you need about your business or market.

Query based on a set of locations or mobile device ID’s, and automatically get notified when your data is ready. Vista exports data and insights in all major GIS formats in addition to providing alternative formats for non-analysts.

70 Million




Get started in minutes with our self-service platform.

Vista Measurement

Foot traffic based media measurement for mobile, out of home, and even TV advertising. Get results back fast with the highest degree of accuracy on the market, thanks to the industry’s largest supply of high quality data and precise location polygons.

Understand the effect your media has on foot traffic to your locations with 25 customizable reporting dimensions available through reports or an easily setup interactive dashboard.







Contextualized Mobile Data

UberMedia’s mobile location data is high quality and contextualized with hand-drawn precise location polygons.

Data is sourced from a variety of high quality suppliers and processed through a series of filtering, cleaning, consolidation, and contextualization steps before it is added to UberMedia’s comprehensive database.

UberMedia’s contextualization takes raw GPS coordinates and makes them actionable by identifying visits within hand-drawn precise location polygons.

Want to collect location insights from your mobile app? Use our lightweight Vista SDK

Insights Available through Vista

Retail Heartbeat

Gain insight into a baselined view of estimated foot traffic over the past 4 years, for your business and your competitors.

Optimal GeoSpace™ mobile location technology

Determine where your local marketing efforts should be directed using real-world visit data to determine single-variable trade areas.

Location Affinity

Rank the likelihood that your customers would or would not visit certain brands or categories based on their location histories.

Audience Affinity

Reveal the likelihood that your customers would or would not be members of certain audience segments based on our comprehensive audience parameters.


Conceptualize fluctuations in the day-to-day movement of devices with the volume of mobile devices by census block group by hour of day and day of week.


Understand your business’ position in a customer’s purchase journey with GPS coordinates from mobile devices before and after visiting your location.

Common Evening and Daytime Locations

Observe an aggregated view of where devices are commonly observed during typical non-work hours, like during the evening and on weekends, or typical workday hours.

Visitor Counts

Evaluate how many visitors were observed at a location or set of locations in order to quantify or compare performance based on location, day, time of day, or campaign performance.

Census Block Group Demographics

Reveal the foundational characteristics of your locations’ visitors, including household level demographic profiles such as age, income, race, and educational level.

Custom Analysis

Access UberMedia’s contextualized data directly, or get custom reports & analysis from
our in-house team of data scientists and GIS analysts.

Looking for a custom solution? Our team of expert in-house GIS analysts and data scientists have a long history of creatively solving challenges with mobile data. From brainstorming to delivering comprehensive and customized UberRetail™ location analysis report, UberMedia’s custom analysis delivers solutions quickly and without compromise. Just reach out, and we’ll work with you to find a solution that fits your exact needs.

Click here to download an example of our UberRetail location analysis report


UberMedia’s data processing aggregates and distills location data from a variety of sources into a single contextualized supply of mobile location data.

UberMedia removes fraudulent location data sold by app developers to unsuspecting vendors.

As a professional, you want to show the world you have arrived and are going places.

Data is tested rigorously for quality and anything that doesn’t meet strict standards is removed.

You need your web presence to be seamless, reliable and easy to create and maintain.