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Connect with UberMedia’s market-leading dataset. A contextualized multi- source mobile dataset with unprecedented accuracy and scale. Providing businesses of all sizes the ability to gain value from mobile data without any additional processing to prepare, combine, or clean data for specific modeling or business intelligence purposes.


The Vista Platform allows unparalleled control over the mobile location data you receive. Rather than limiting access to pre-defined points-of-interest with a static set of outputs, we allow users to define their query geography, timeframe, daypart and data structure.

The platform makes it easy to define custom boundaries and query against hundreds — even thousands —of locations at once so that you can pull data for a national chain of fast food restaurants, a specific section of a retail district, or a prospective new retail space.

Decide what data structure makes sense for you  The available data structures are built around real-world business questions, like defining where visitors’ commonly are in the evening or how they path into a specific area.


Query results from the Vista platform are structured to enable advanced exploration and analytics. Data can be filtered by date or time of day. Different data sets can be joined to build advanced profiles around retail locations, tourism destinations, etc.

Our data model is designed to enable joins with other valuable data sets like segmentation and spend data. Use small geographies like census block group to gain insights into the behaviors of your primary segments from Tapestry, Mosaic, Prizm and other data sets.

Vista AI: Aggregated Insights from Mobile Location Data



The Vista Platform is designed to enable organizations of every size to integrate mobile location data into day-to-day business operations leading to more informed decision making. Regardless of your team size or big data experience we have a solution for you.

If you’re a SMB who is brand new to mobile location data you’ll be able to access powerful insights from our lite-weight single site evaluation tool; If you’re a sophisticated data science / GIS operation we have direct API integrations and flat files that can be hosted locally.

We understand that no two customers are alike and pride ourselves on building flexible solutions.

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