Vista Anonymous Insights

Aggregated Insights from Mobile Location Data

Aggregated Insights from Mobile Location Data

Vista Al answers strategic business questions with privacy-forward anonymous insights from mobile location data.

By asking a question through Vista Al’s simple online interface,businesses can easily obtain answers from UberMedia’s vast network of mobile location data suppliers. Answers are delivered in a variety of formats, including insight datasets, interactive reports, and even an API.

Powerful Insights that Answer Strategic Business Questions

Market Potential
Retail Landscape

Understand the existing retail landscape with access to over 1M retail points across a range of sectors

Retail Potential

Provides information related to the retail potential of the residents and workers within the geography

Pulse Daypart

Provides count and device density within a geography by hour of day

Pulse Growth

Provides ranking of geographies based on growth in mobile activity over time

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Site Data Sets
Visitation Patterns

Visitation by date, time of day or day of week to identify trends that are important to your business

Visitors’ Common Evening and Common Daytime Locations

See where your site visitors’ typically reside in the evenings and where they spend their weekdays

Pathing and Clusters

Understand how visitors path in and out of your location to analyze major transit routes and see where visitors cluster before and after arriving


Provides aggregated information about what other points of interest (retail, restaurants, attractions) visitors visit before and after arriving

Visitor Profiles

Visitors’ demographics, audience affinity and location affinity

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Reveal Hidden Opportunities with
Market Insights

Market Insights are an innovative single-file method to access powerful
insights within the platform of your choice.

Market Insights unlock:

Improved analysis for future & prospective locations

Scaleable cannabilization and projection modeling

Programmatic recommendations for in-fill and greenspace geographies

Revolutionary direct integrations

Available for Major Geographies

Order and download data by DMA, State or country level

More Accurate Modeling

Enhance your current models using real-world mobile location data

Easy To Use Formatting

Flexible single-file deliverable enables quick insights and integrations

Real World Opportunities from Mobile Location Data