Technology that drives accurate
and actionable results

Since 2010, UberMedia® has been building scaleable technology to tackle the complex challenges of
mobile location data. This technology is the foundation of UberMedia’s position as a market leader.

Mobile Intelligence Engine

UberMedia’s Mobile Intelligence Engine is a patent-pending AI platform purpose-built to aggregate and clean mobile data from a variety of different sources into a single contextualized dataset.

Developed around machine learning, the Mobile Intelligence Engine leverages UberMedia’s extensive historical data and proprietary retail boundaries to identify and extract only the best from mobile datasets.

Proprietary Retail Boundaries

The accuracy of Vista Measurement depends both on the mobile data itself , and how the retail locations are defined. Instead of using imprecise tiles or point and radius definitions, UberMedia’s team of GIS analysts hand draws boundaries around retail locations ensuring a high visit accuracy – visitors were actually in the retail locations, not just nearby.

To date, this team has produced more than 1 million double-verified retail boundaries that underpin all of Vista Measurement’s results.

Contextualized Mobile Data

UberMedia’s mobile location data is high quality and contextualized with hand-drawn precise retail boundaries.

Data is sourced from a variety of high quality suppliers and processed through a series of filtering, cleaning, consolidation, and
contextualization steps before it is added to UberMedia’s comprehensive database.

UberMedia’s contextualization takes raw GPS coordinates and makes them actionable by identifying visits within hand-drawn precise retail boundaries.

Fraud Detection
Data Filtering
Structuring and

UberMedia’s data processing aggregates and distills mobile data from a variety of sources into a single contextualized supply of mobile location data.

UberMedia removes fraudulent location data sold by app developers to unsuspecting vendors.

Mobile location data is aggregated to achieve a high level of accuracy without sacrificing scale.

Data is tested rigorously for quality and anything that doesn’t meet strict standards is removed.

Mobile location data is contextualized with UberMedia’s proprietary visit determination technology.

Mobile Advertising Platform

UberMedia’s mobile advertising platform is a mobile-first DSP. Its core targeting methodology is intuitively designed based on mobile metrics, including operating systems, location history, and more.

Benefits include increasing team productivity, reaching the right audiences, designing well-informed campaigns, identifying actual location visits, and more. This mobile-first DSP allows UberMedia to deliver high performing custom mobile ad campaigns and return results in an extremely short amount of time.